Hi Temp’s Quality Standards that you can depend on

Hi Temp has committed to providing our users with materials that surpass industry standards for safety during welding. For over three decades since our founding we have manufactured, tested, improved and provided solutions for all types of welding that require industrial fire, welding and safety blankets.

Hi Temp’s materials are produced with a rubber silicone coating using proprietary manufacturing technology; that was developed in house and perfected by the founder of Hi Temp. As a manufacturer of welding pads, welding blankets and welding curtains with more than 30 years’ experience Hi Temp has experienced an array of unique situations and are equipped to help you identify which one of our products best suit your application. Our customers do not have to worry about if their rigorous and specific requirements need a custom made solution, as they can rely on Hi Temp’s ability and expertise to work in conjunction with our customer to create a solution that will meet the special individual requirements that your situation requires.