Hi Temp’s welding blankets are the highest quality and most certified on the market so you can rest assured that your personnel and equipment will have the best protection available. Our tested materials have a proven record of safety and reliability – which leads us to be the #1 choice of major refineries in Canada. Hi Temp also has a proven track record internationally as our materials service customers all over the globe from North America to the Middle East, China and the South East Asian region.

Hi Temp holds the following certifications:

  • FM Approval (Factory Mutual)
  • CAN/CSA Approval: CAN/CSA-M427-M91 (Canadian Standards Association) (Met the standards as independently verified by the Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory)
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • Canadian Explosive Research Laboratory
  • Alberta Research Council
  • ASTM International
  • TNO Building and Construction Research
  • Underwriters Laboratory: UL 1709 (Met the standards as independently verified by Intertek laboratories)

Materials such as welding blankets, curtains and pads that undergo rigorous certification and testing processes allow you to have confidence in the product you are purchasing. A certified welding blanket means that your protective welding blanket has been tested with stringent third-party testing to ensure quality, while adhering to a routine audit procedure ensuring consistency. Having a certified material means it will continuously meet the standards for safety, have a level of performance you can trust and be the same quality of product that you can rely on every time.

Silicone coating makes Hi Temp materials resistant to bitumen, corrosive solvents and oils. These compounds will absorb into non-silicone coated fabrics which pose as a fire hazard and deteriorate there capability to protect against heat and sparks. Hi Temp`s silicone coating prevents fabric fraying and unraveling. The silicone coating Hi Temp applies also doesn’t produce harmful off gassing compared to other coated materials.

Neoprene coated materials release up to 9x more Hydrogen Cyanide than Hi Temp’s materials which is double OSHA`s threshold limits. Polyurethane coated materials are even worse releasing up to 20x more Hydrogen Cyanide than Hi Temp’s materials which is quadruple OSHA’s threshold limits.

Hi Temp’s silicone coatings make it ideal for the most extreme climates and results in the best protection available.

Every aspect of Hi Temp manufacturing is done in North America. The primary manufacturing plant is located in Edmonton, AB Canada.

Absolutely no risk in handling the materials. We recommend safe lifting techniques when handling large rolls of the material; some are heavy enough to require two people.

Unfortunately not. Hi Temp has a custom item division to create anything you can imagine out of our material. We pride ourselves in understanding the industries concerns and creating solutions for them. Our shop is set up to create unique items and not to manufacture gloves or clothing in an efficient manner.

Our materials are extremely tear resistant and require a sharp blade to cut into.

Our materials are color coded according to rank. Pink is our light duty curtain. Orange is our medium duty curtain. And we saved Red for our heavy duty blanket material.

Hi Temp is a manufacturer that deals exclusively with distributors around the world. For a list of distributors in your area feel free to call the head office or contact us via email. Our website also lists the distributors by continent under the “Where to purchase” link.